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R Washer Gear Driven iGX800 / iGX700

R Washer Gear Driven iGX800 / iGX700

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This is the newest most advanced engine by Honda. This engine has 4 more HP than that GX 690 rated at 779cc. The EFI Honda's are fuel injected instead of carbureted for more efficiency. This machine runs at 8 GPM 4000 PSI, with the XWAM8G35N AR Pump. The iGX700 option runs at 3500 PSI 8 GPM. 


  • iGX800 EFI Engine 4000 PSI at 8 GPM
  • iGX700 EFI Engine 3500 PSI at 8 GPM 
  • AR XWAM8G35N Pump and Gear Box
  • Idle Down Feature Optional



  • VRT3 Unloader
  • 50' High Pressure Hose
  • Wand/Trigger Gun Assembly Stainless 
  • Tips
  • Downstream Injector

Note that these iGX700/800 engines do not include a throttle. It is not an option. With the idle down feature, you cannot use the flow actuated unloaders, the idle down feature will achieve the same results. 

(Does not include fuel tank, battery or battery box) Order one here.

We feel this cold water pressure washer will be a great addition to your business.

Dimensions 19.5" W x 28" L 

Call for lead times.

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