• $130.00

The BATGuardTM PRO is a FILTER for runoff from professional cleaning jobs. Most booms redirect or stop runoff. The BATGuardTM PRO acts as on-ground water treatment removing oils, heavy metals, debris, soaps, and reduces suspended solids. It can be used as

  • The final filter before a storm drain in jurisdictions that allow filtered runoff
  • As a pre-filter for water re-use with a sump pump or
  • For quick landscape discharge with a sludge pump.

The BATGuardTM PRO can be reused up to 150 times on maintenance cleaning projects and holds over 5 quarts of oil. It can be safely and legally disposed of in dumpster as non- hazardous solid waste when dry.

Specifications Length - 10 ft

Weight - 20 lbs

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