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Exterior Wood Restoration Book

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Deck Restoration Plus Institute

Basic Exterior Wood Restoration Manual.

This course is the newest update of the most time-honored Wood Certification class (first taught in 1999). This course is the foundation of hundreds of the most successful deck
restoration companies around the country. Avoid losing money by spotting problem
jobs before you bid. Learn from successful professionals and gain years of
experience in just one day. The course focuses on how to profit by efficiently
cleaning and sealing wood exposed to weather – like decks, fences, docks, play
sets, etc. We look at various wood types as we discuss cleaners and sealers. The
class will include hands-on techniques and product demonstrations, as well as
bidding and pricing hints.

This class is a ‘must’ for wood professionals. Completing this course and passing the exam will earn you Certification, which is an excellent marketing tool for any contractor.

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