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Giant Pressure Washer Pump Safety Pop Off Valve

Giant Pressure Washer Pump Safety Pop Off Valve

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Giant 22533A 3/8" and 1/4" 5000 PSI Pressure Washer Pump Safety Pop Off Valve

Protect pumps and other pressure components from over pressurization. After removing the dangerous high pressure from the system, they are able to be reset, but should be replaced as frequent use minimizes their effectiveness.  They should be used whenever a pressure actuated unloader is used as these devices can eventually fail over time.

  • Made in the USA
  • Adjustable
  • 3600 PSI 
  • 150 degree F max
  • 10 GPM Max

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1) Position the pop-off valve on the discharge side of the pumping unit between the pump and the unloader. The 1/4" MNPT or 3/8" MNPT is the inlet. (Mount unit directly onto the pump for best results.) 2) Adjust the valve relief pressure setting as follows: a. Start the pump with the shut-off gun open and adjust the system pressure to 600 PSI (minimum) above the normal operating pressure. b. If the valve opens or leaks, stop the pump. c. Use a 1/4 inch allen wrench to turn the adjusting screw clockwise to increase the pressure so that the spring is compressed. d. Repeat steps a-c (above) until the valve does not open or leak at a minimum of 600 PSI above the normal operating pressure. 3) Reset the system pressure back to the normal operation. 4) A hose may be clamped over the outlet of the valve if desired. The other end of the hose may then be placed in a sewer, float tank, or other suitable drain. WARNING: Never attempt to stop the valve leakage by overtightening the adjusting screw (item #4) or by any other means that would not allow the valve (item #2) to open and thus relieve excess system pressure. Tampering with the valve could result in a situation that may cause the system damage and/or severe personal injury. CAUTION: The discharge from an opened pop-off valve must be readily visible by the system operator. In the event that a pop-off valve opens, the system should be immediately shut down and a trouble-shoot procedure performed before restarting the pump. Take care that the pop-off valve is installed pointed down to prevent bodily injury. Valves must be free of foreign material for proper operation. 5) Pop-off valves are suitable for protection from malfunctions in pumps, unloaders, regulators, heating coils, shut-off guns, and straight-through guns. For best results, use the pop-off valve in conjunction with an accumulator or pulsation dampener. CAUTION: Remember that the pop-off valve is designed to be used as a safety relief only. It is not to be used as a primary system unloader.

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