M5 X-Jet Kit #9 2000-3000 PSI 3-3.5 GPM

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The M5 X-Jet is a long range external chemical injection nozzle that has a unique design eliminating the need for ladders, scaffolding or telescoping wands. It is designed to project or throw chemicals as high as 40' while allowing you to inject and proportion chemicals or liquids without going through your pump, hose or wand. Now you can easily apply caustic cleaners without damaging your equipment. This nozzle switches from a zero degree to a fan pattern with just a twist. Great for use in removing mold, dirt and mildew from homes and buildings or other tall structures.

The kit includes 15' of suction hose, shut off ball valve (allowing you to rinse with this nozzle also) mesh screen filter and 15 color coded proportioners. 

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