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Sirocco PEV2/30 Vacuum



PEV2/30 Portable Electric Vacuum System

The Sirocco™ PEV series vacuums are the most affordable, effective, multi-function vacuum systems on the market. Great for carpet cleaners, auto detailers, fleet washers, warehouses, mobile washers & other commercial applications!

The only system you need for any wet or dry reclaim tool!  Whether you’re vacuuming a warehouse floor, or reclaiming water from a fleet-wash job on a parking lot, the Sirocco™ PEV 3-stage vacuums will perform the job quickly and efficiently. It’s all about work speed!

● 2 Powerful 13.5 amp 120 vac 3-Stage Motors
● 145" Water-Lift Capacity at 200 cfm for rapid de-watering
● 30 Gallon Waste-Tank (with 1¼" drain plug)
● Slide-Out Oil-Attractive Filter
● Cart-Frame for portability on all terrain
● Tie-Down Straps (trailer-mounting hardware)
● Auto Pump-Out to 35 gpm (an extra high head pump with float switch and check valve)
    Automatically pumps out when vacuum is running!
● 50' x 2" Super-Duty Vacuum Hose with cuffs (abrasion and chemical resistant)
    Waste tank has dual inlets, so you can add another hose to run 2 tools
    at the same time!

● 24" SandSnake beefy 30mil PVC sand bag - just fill with sand (abrasion and chemical resistant)
● Puddle Sucker surface de-watering tool for reclaiming up to 50 gpm (fits 1½" or 2" hose cuffs)
● Silt Filter (to stop sand and silt debris from clogging up the PuddleSucker)
● Camlock QC's (for hose connections at waste tank)
 Operating Instructions and Warning Sheets

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