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R Washers

R Soaps by R Washers

R Soaps by R Washers

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R Washers Soaps manufactured in Kemah, TX.

R SOAP IBrushless Truck Wash (Formerly Wash Bright)

R Soap I is formulated to clean the painted and aluminum surfaces of over the road tractor trailer and other type of commercial vehicles without damage (when used as directed). Removes carbon stack stains and magnetic road film from vehicles without brushing. It works well in both cold and hot water. R Soap I is a heavy duty cleaner and the nation's top performing all-purpose truck wash. 

R SOAP II - Heavy Duty Degreaser

R Soap II is a concentrated high alkaline degreaser designed for cleaning tire marks, grease, oil, heavy dirt, soot and kitchen exhaust hood cleaning. This product is corrosive, please refer to the SDS sheet for proper handling. 

R LUMINA II - Hydrofluoric Acid

R Lumina II is designed for more experienced fleet washers for a brush free wash. Brighten aluminum, particulate matter from road surface accumulation and break down rust, road dust, and grime. 

R Soap III - Polished Aluminum Cleaner

R Soap III was designed to be effective in cleaning polished aluminum and stainless surfaces. This is also effective in cleaning dark color vehicles/fleets and will reduce spotting. With the built in wax, you'll leave a polished the finish!

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