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Sirocco OWS 100-400

Sirocco OWS 100-400

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OWS 100-400 Oil-Water Separator System

The Sirocco™ OWS 100-400 Oil-Water Separator System drastically reduces the amount of wash water you generate on a job. As wash water is pumped in, the filtration module separates oils and solids, allowing you to recycle and reuse your wash water on site and\or discharge to a sanitary sewer, or landscaping, as appropriate. “Wicking Action” removes up to 1 gal. of oil per hour, and the filters catch solids to 20, 10, or 5 microns, as needed.

Amazingly affordable, compact, portable, lightweight, efficient, and patented!

This "first step" filtration device involves simple sedimentation and lipophilic oil separation. The solids and oil separation makes it possible to reuse wash water on site and / or discharge to a sanitary sewer when dissolved solids and other chemical content are not an issue. But, these systems may be used in conjunction with many other filtration methods for finer processing. You can always add more layers of, and/or capacity of filtration.  

For the “oil load” capacity, consider average daily use in gallons of oil to be trapped:  For up to a gallon per day, "OilConverter" particulate boom on the surface of the tank is simple to remove, and it completely encapsulates the oil, converting it to a land-fill acceptable form. These systems are proven to remove oil and semi-dissolved solids competitively.

Our OilPhyllic separation system draws oil out of the water flow more efficiently than any other. Then, the floating socks at the top, skim the freed oils for easy removal, usually below 100 ppm. The high capacity cartridge filters capture the particulate down to 20 or 5 microns, you choose. They have washable and reusable hard-fiber pleated elements. This combination achieves the lowest long term cost of any system made. 3 way filter outlet allows for easy discharge of filtered water, or redirect the flow back to your water supply tank for re-use. Fewer trips to the water source is another increase in work speed.

** No claim is made to legal or illegal water quality to discharge ** as every wash water situation is different and beyond our control. But, tests have proven high quality results, at impressive flow rates. The OilPhyllic fiber method is very efficient in "wicking action" separation. This system is the most simplistic, serviceable, reliable, and long-term-low-cost in the industry. Filter media includes PolyFiber OilPhyllic, cleanable-reusable bag filters, cleanable-reusable cartridge filters, and more. You must check your local laws, specific to your application. Recycle for Reuse ALL your wash water, as you can. “Dilution” is NEVER the “solution.”

 Triple Inlets
● 4 – 100ft² Cleanable Cartridge Filters frame mounted and plumbed in parallel
 2 – Auto Pump-Outs to 20 gpm (115V with 1.5'' camlock coupling)
1 – Heavy Duty 100 Gallon Poly Tank 
 1 – 3ft. Filter-Connect Hose with camlocks
 1 – 5ft. Connect Hose with camlocks to next filter bank or holding tank
9 – #2 x 200 micron Cleanable Mesh Bag Filters
● 9 – #12 x 100 micron Cleanable Mesh Bag Filters
● 1 – Cleanable OilPhylic Fiber Pad
● 2 – OilSock Sorbent Booms
● 1 – 20ft. x 1.25” Nybraid Connect Hose            
     cut to size for feed and return connections, includes camlock couplings
Stainless Lid-Latch Fasteners allow for easy access to the inside of the unit
 Multi-Mount Filter Bracket allows for wall, floor, or tank-top mounting (includes stainless hardware and tie-down straps)
 Carbon filter not included, but is optional and available in several sizes. Oil capacity can also be enhanced with the addition of an automatic oil skimmer, but these attachments are more reliable stationary than portable. Contact us for details!

Rated 10 to 40 GPM (20 gpm max. for oil filtration to 200 ppm)
100 Gallon Tank: 35" x 28" x 39" (L x W x H)
 Filter Bank: 34.5” x 14” x 36” (L x W x H)
 Ship Weight: 340 lbs.

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