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Super Swivel 1/2"

Super Swivel 1/2"

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Super Swivel 1/2" is the best swivel for a pressure washer hose reel set up.

The Super Swivel is the only swivel we use for our pressure washer hose reel set ups at our company.  Often times we will replace our Titan hose reel and General Pump hose reel setups with the Super Swivel.  Contrary to popular belief, not all swivels are made the same. 

Many of the Titan hose reels and General Pump hose reels come with a lower grade swivel that has to be replaced frequently. 

In the event you need to replace your Titan hose reel swivel that is from Titan, we carry the kit here

The Super Swivel rebuild kit can be found here -------

The Super Swivel Catalog can be found here

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