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The WashMart Injector

The WashMart Injector

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The WashMart Injector
Works with 3 to 8 GPM
Allows siphoning up to 400ft of hose
Draw may vary on rate of flow (30%-40% more than your standard injector)
Durable, Fully Stainless Inside
Great for cleaning roofs. See our demo here:

Draw Test - WashMart Injector % sprayed using 12.5% SH (Draw is 0.75 GPM with each)

2.5 GPM 2.89%

4 GPM 1.97%

8 GPM 1.07%

Water - 8 gallons 60 seconds

Chemical - 1 gallon 80 seconds

1/80 = ?/60, 60=80g 60/80-g, 3/4=g, (.75 gal per minute)

Photo credit to Greg Townsend, Justin Whaley and Hunter Persall. Draw Test Ratings courtesy of Mike Meads. 

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