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General Pump Check Valves

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These are the check valves we carry for General Pump.  The underlined pumps are the more common pumps.

Kit 01        fits T9721B T9731B T721B T731B T911 T991 T9951 T9971 TT9351 TT9441 T921 T1321 TS921 TS1321 TS1621 T1011 T1021 TS1711 T1621 T9211 TS2011-N TS2021-N TS1331 TS1711 T9211-N T9281 T9051EBF TS1011 TS1021 TS1511 TS1811 TSS1021 TSS1511 TT901 TT931 TT941 TT951 TT9111 TT2028 TT2035E TT1540GBF TT9061E TT9071E TT9351 TT9441 

Kit 150 fits T5050

Kit 15066  fits TSP1619 TSP1621 TSP1819 TSP1821

Kit 123      fits EZ2536E EZ2542E EZ2536S EZ2542S EZ3042S EZ2545E EZ2555E EZ3030G34 EZ3035G EZ3040G EZ3045G EZ2545S EZ2555S EZ3040S EZ4040G34 EZ4030G34 EZ4035G TC1504E345UI TC1505E345 TC1506G TC1507G TC1508G TC1509G TC1507S34 TC1508S34 TC1509S17 TC1511S17 TC1809E175 TC1809S17 TC1811S17 TP2520J34 TP2526J34 TP2530J34 TP2533J34 TX1505G6 TX1506G8 TX1508G8/S34 TX1508S34 TX1510S34 TX1512S17 TX1510G8/UIA TX1810S17 TX1812S17

Kit 169      fits TSF1819 TSF2019 TSF2021 TSF2219 TSF2221 TSF2421

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Awesome customer service! The best I’ve ever received, and quite frankly, even better than Chick-fil-A

Amber, Marco and the whole team is very helpful when choosing any equipment! Love the team, love the products and the prices are very fair!

Will be doing business with them fully for all years to come!

Jesus D.
BlueJay Pressure Washing

Great response time and customer service. Marco and Fred have great service to go with their great products!

Jim B.

The best customer service I have seen in the industry, actually the best I have seen in general. They have defintely earned a customer for life and I will be throwing their name out every chance I get. Amber was great at responding and getting everything handled quickly, small delivery issue but it was almost non existent with how well and swift she handled it. Marco was quick to answer her and help her handle the situation so the teamwork and communication was great within the company. What more can you ask for?

Angel V.

Amazing customer service! I bought the WashMart Injector and I am highly highly pleased. I didn't even have to use my 12v for any stucco or brick, the WashMart Injector is amazing!! I am pretty sure it could even clean a shingle roof. Highly highly recommend!

Hunter P.

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